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Uncertified Manpower Supply (UMS)

Uncertified Manpower Supply (UMS)

A brand-new concept never thought of. To assuage the penury of those lost souls out there whose day begins with unimaginable qualms. This favor is granted to those who do not know whether or not their entire day would be wasted on the pursuit of a temporary livelihood. Once in a while, our soulless gaze may cast upon them at the crack of dawn, only to catch a glimpse of their weathered face stricken by the obligation for the survival of their loved ones just another day. They probably neither seem to give a second thought of their past, nor do they enliven about what their future holds. They care about just one thing and one thing only, which is temporary sustenance.

Uncertified Manpower Supply (UMS)

We all know poverty is an omnipresent phenomenon in Bangladesh because half of the population is affected by impecuniousness. Also, people are left with no land due to overpopulation and economical degradation despite the country as a whole, showing a promising economic growth.

To alleviate this misfortune, Bangladesh provides many workers with limited skills to foreign countries every year in the hope of improving their and their families’ living standards. Unfortunately, once they are migrated, they are subjected to unjustified hardships, including physical and mental abuse.

Now, it is not our intention to raise the bar of expectation for the underprivileged segment of this country, but we promise to ensure their livelihood by introducing the unique concept, named: Uncertified Manpower Supply, UMS for short. The aim of this facility is to supply day-labors, garments workers, community health care workers, drivers and etc. with detailed information. From now on, there is no need to seek out manpower from remote areas. Everything will be available online.

Through our website, we provide all our subscribed clients seeking assistance from such individuals with crucial information including contact details and a photograph for identification.

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