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How can you resign from your job?

How can you resign from your job?

Leaving a job can be just as hard as getting the job in the first place, even harder. However, we do it anyways to reach for something higher and better, not having a good understanding with our current employer or pursue something completely different altogether. Whatever the case maybe, when we think about that crucial moment we would have to say the much anticipated “Goodbye”, nerves are catching up to us. Now, we do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings including the employer’s and co-workers’, but we want to hold our ground at the same time. Let us find out how to accomplish this daunting task.

The first step of resigning from a job is to have the intention to leave under good terms. This means when you step down from your position, you still want to have the same professional relation you share with your boss and colleagues. This is because you never know when you will end up crossing path with your former organization. The world is round and everything comes in a circle, isn’t it?

The first thing consider before your departure is timing. A rule of thumb is to give an advance notice of 4 weeks. Some companies may require more or less time than this for heads up.

The next thing to do is to act professionally and dedicated throughout the transition phase. In order for your move out to make hassle free, you can offer to hire and train the next in line during your last days. Not only it can tremendously boost your final impression to your soon to be peers but also enhance your credibility in your next employment.

Prepare a handover document by consulting with your in-charge. Although this document varies according to the job responsibility, but a standard handover document should include the following:

  • Detailed information about day to day responsibilities.
  • Expectation from the designated role.
  • Objectives of the position held.
  • A list of essential files facilitating to the progression of the duty.

It does not end there. After preparing this intricate piece of information, you would have to physically deliver it to your successor for your vacant position you created.

Also, make sure to complete any pending task during this period and get paid for the salary which is due. Collect contact information of all the supervisors and co-workers with whom you want keep in touch with for future reference.