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Job Search (Experts)

Job Search (Experts)

You are the silverback in the pack! Your hair now shows a shade of grey. To support that, you have years of experience under your belt to showcase. It is beyond us to teach you anything regardless of getting a job. You know all about the recruitment policies and you know how to nail your interviews. You possess knowledge in the do's and don'ts of what to do in order to get to a position you are in. Your employer(s) are so satisfied with your performance that climbing the corporate ladder has become a second in nature for you. What can we expect? You have clearly dedicated your entire life to gain sufficient knowledge and skills in your preferred field. It is expected of you to be the very best at what you do.

Despite all the merits you have, sometimes it is not out of the ordinary to slip a bit once in a while and miss the chance of getting the desired place to truly exercise your potential. Generally, you would face a little or no obstruction during your interview, as the invigilators are well aware of your credentials and would naturally assume you have the ambition, dedication and discipline for the work to be done.

Therefore, you have to be extra careful about properly highlighting your work experience in your CV. When you want to incorporate your experience, always start with your recent job description and move towards the oldest.

Your professional credentials would involve the date of performance, employing organization name, position held and job responsibilities. If you incorporate this information in a table and represent in your CV, it would be a lot easier for the recruiters to properly judge you.