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Recruitment Services Provided by Unijobs Bangladesh

At Unijobs Bangladesh, we are ready to assist you in the recruitment of people holding different positions within an organization. Also, we are able to provide you with personnel under different payrolls.

Here at Unijobs Bangladesh, we help you hire:

Top Management Personnel:

You need a high tier of individuals in your organization who have a substantial amount of capabilities to run the business. From developing new business plan to create new company policy. They would do it all. They are also well versed in management and can definitely reach a new height in corporate culture. We have an extensive network with these high-class specialists who would be able to run your company smoothly and tension free. At this category, we provide officials against the post of CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, CD, Head of the Departments (HR, Marketing. Sales, Retail, Distribution) and etc.

Mid Management Personnel:

We help our client recruit these people by utilizing our established guidelines which involves some rigorous phases. We conduct a series of extensive interviews to get a better assessment of our applicants’ strengths and weaknesses. We also provide them with advice where there is a provision for improvement. Some positions to be satisfied under this category are: Put relevant designations.

Uncertified Manpower Supply (UMS):

This is a brand-new concept altogether and we are pretty sure that no other recruitment agency thought of this sooner. The aim of this facility is to supply day-labors, garments workers, community health care workers, drivers and etc. with detailed information. From now on, there is no need to seek out manpower from remote areas. Everything will be available online.

As it is stated already, we can also provide you with human resources under two types of payrolls:


Some client organizations desire employees who would work for them for a specified time frame. In this scenario, we would provide only the logistic support regarding the management of such workforce. The terms under the contract for a particular employee would be strictly depended on his and his employer’s settlement.

Part time:

For short-time endeavors, some client prefers individuals for part-time employment. Unijobs Bangladesh can also help in attaining this by providing the right type of people at the right time.

In addition to all of the services mentioned above, we are also dedicated to provide internship to those eager candidates who realize the importance of gaining some in field experiences before delving into the vast sea for job search. As we know it, a very few companies out there are inclined to recruit somebody without any prior experience whatsoever. Job market is competitive than ever before. So, it is better to go along with the flow of trend.