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Preparation for Interview

Preparation for Interview

In most cases, facing an interview is the last stage for gaining selection for a job. For an employer, the purpose of conducting an interview is to assess an applicant's inherent intelligence, skills, knowledge, capability, suitability and etc. This in turn helps him to determine the perfect guy for the job.

Therefore, in order to ace an interview, it is essential to plan ahead. The plan involves choosing the right type of clothing (mostly formal), taking all the necessary documents (academic records, achievements, extracurricular activities and etc.) and gaining some knowledge related to the tasks that are needed to be performed if an applicant gets the selection.

There is no denying the fact that interview is one of the most uncertain aspects in a job recruitment process. It is unknown what interview questions would be like as thoughts vary from person to person and for the recruiters, this is not an exception. With that being said the following guidelines provided below might help someone to better anticipate and take appropriate steps when facing the scrutinizers:

  • Read about the organization: One of the best ways of doing this is to visit the website and gather ideas about the company in brief. Taking short notes can aide in reinforcing the knowledge gathered.
  • Read the job circular: You can take a look at the advertisement for your desired job again in order to mark the requirements. Then, you can check these requirements against your qualification for similarity. This way, you can really convince the interview board why you are a suitable candidate for the post.
  • Be aware both yours and the interviewer's body languages: A poor body language can project a lack of competency if you do not put a special attention to it. Slouched posture, shaking due to nervousness, fidgeting eyes and etc. can portray insufficient self-confidence. Always try to project a calm -assertive state of yourself.
    You also need to be aware of your interviewers' physical cues too. If they feel disinterested unenthusiastic, then you would have to try your best to make the interview more interactive.
  • Sell yourself to the fullest: Let the examiners know why they should hire you by providing necessary details, your uniqueness and etc. The statements should be clear, to the point and relevant. Be creative.

We hope the above tips would be enough to help you better prepare for your long-awaited meeting. We would definitely incorporate more advices in the future and we are open to all of your valuable suggestions.