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Interview Mistakes

Interview Mistakes

Top 5 Interview Mistakes to Avoid

"To err is human" we are all familiar with this proverb. Sitting for an interview is not an exception. For your better comprehension, here are the top 5 interview mistakes to avoid.

1. Lying:

Most of us get tempted in the interview board to give unjustified statements and exaggerate our qualifications, but it is a rather ineffective approach, as lying gets increasingly difficult under pressure and there is a pretty good chance at getting caught later.

2. Talking smack about the current company:

Always remember that during interview, your scrutinizer is only interested about your accomplishments, setbacks and etc. and nothing else. If you talk negatively about your company, your interviewer would naturally have a doubt about your personality and nobody likes a whiner.

3. Rude:

Sometimes, evaluators judge a candidate's state of mind by asking him/her irrelevant and annoying questions. If this happens, it is of utmost important that you keep your cool under all circumstances. Having an angry mind would not help you in anything other than hindering your progression. If you sense that you are being rude then apologize instantly. Always be polite. Also, keep in mind that interview is a formal gathering, there is no room for being excessively friendly and cracking jokes.

4. Being unprepared:

Always prepare yourself in advance, read about the company in detail before facing interview. Also, read your CV and find out relevancy between your qualifications and the tasks required to perform if you manage to get the job.

5. Sharing too much information:

It is logical to be truthful about everything that are being asked, but the interviewers might get uninterested if you divulge too much information about a particular fact(s).