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Fresher(Landing the perfect interview)

Fresher(Landing the perfect interview)

So, you are a fresher, right?? You just graduated very recently and do not have work experience whatsoever. You feel like the entire weight of the world is on your shoulders. No reputed organization is going to hire you because it will have to teach you about all the rules, regulations, paperwork and etc. all over again and make you competent enough to carry out day to day activities. Honestly speaking, who does not like a readymade pancake instilled with yummy flavors (guaranteed I tell you) when he has to invest all his efforts and resources to make something that may or may not satisfy his need? The world is materialistic. Nothing comes easy. On top of that, everything has a price tag on it! With that being said, the first and foremost advice we can give you right now is to never become a liability and furnish yourself to be a top-quality product (You heard this right, we are not treating you like a person here!) that everyone demands and would go an extra mile to acquire.

Let us guess, now you ask yourself how you would transform yourself into a valued commodity for the job market when you do not possess any professional knowledge to begin with. You might blame us about this point for being too harsh in our message earlier and we do apologize for that, but we believe one way to make you strong and capable for your upcoming struggles is to feed you with cold hard facts. Trust us, we are not going to just leave you stranded in the middle of an ocean, all alone in the dark, crying for help. Since you have read this far, we should assume you have one element of surprise working for you. You do have the guts to move forward! Let us tell you something, when there is a will, there is a way. So, enough with the beating around the bush! Let us first identify the barriers between you and your goal (your dream job). The two main obstructions we find necessary to include here are:

1. Composing the CV in such a way to help make the best initial impression to your potential employer.
2. Facing and conquering the daunting interview to leave a memorable mark to your potential employer's psyche.

1. Making an Excellent CV with limited credentials:

For preparing an excellent CV, we have some format(s) along with instructions in our website. Please refer to the link: (Link address) and create a CV based on your field of expertise.

2. Acing the Interview:

By this time, you prepared a praiseworthy CV and captured your organizations initial impression. Now, you got a call for the interview. We bet you are sweating profusely and got quite a bit nervous! We have all been there, facing the same thing. The first thing you can do right about now is to rid yourself of self-doubt. You are chosen because you have made the list with your qualifications, regardless of its maturity. That indeed counts for something. Therefore, now you need to focus on becoming successful at your upcoming interview by any means necessary. We have arranged this section with tips that will help you to accomplish that.

Before the Interview:
  • Select your company and job nature according to your preference. Although you may think you have no right to choose due to the lack of experience and are tempted to grab every opportunity thrown at you. This might seem like the right call at some cases, but it can backfire pretty bad if you end up finding your selection to be the wrong one after getting the job. That can be the worst feeling to have since you already invested a considerable amount of your time to get it in the first place.
  • Do a thorough research about the company. Most companies have their own websites containing lots of crucial information you can learn from.
  • Have a commendable online presence in social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and etc.). Sometimes, the interviewers tend to know about you a little bit more through your online presence before, during or after the interview. So, remove any objectionable content present in your online account(s). Having a LinkedIn profile can be considered a plus at this point since LinkedIn is a culmination of professionals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Gather all your necessary documents (CV, academic records, internship certificate, extracurricular activity evidence and etc.) and put those in a file in advance. You definitely do not want to be rushed during the interview when your scrutinizers ask those from you.
  • Try to stand out from the crowd by investing a bit of money to make your own personal business card containing your name and detailed contact address.
  • Dress professionally. It is really a time for you to stop acting like a boy scout and take matters seriously. T-shirt, jeans flip flops are a big no-no! It is not your university anymore. A lot of things can happen at the interview board just by evaluating your physical appearance. So, dress accordingly. Avoid overly colorful outfits. For men, black full pant with white shirt is a good combination along with a tie and a blazer (subjected to weather). For women, light makeup with limited jewelries can put a sense on dedication and ambition.
  • Arrive early. It does not hurt to reach the place 15 minutes before the designated time and settle down. You do not want to keep panting and sweating when facing your examiners as this will give them ill impression about your punctuality and commitment.
  • Switch your cellphone off before entering the interview room. During the interview, a sudden ring can be intensely distracting and can cut off the natural flow of progression.
During the Interview:
  • Be innovative/ creative to land your introductory speech well. This will give the evaluators a good opinion of you and they would be rather satisfied with their initial decisions to call you in the first place.
  • Avoid making vague statements like "I would perform my very best if given the opportunity" or "I am very passionate/ dedicated about my work". These things are already known to your interviewer(s). You have to be specific about your contribution to the company.
  • Keep an eye contact when speaking or listening. It will make you attentive and project self-confidence.
  • Be a part of the organization when interacting with its members. This will help you to look at things in their perspective and help you better anticipate their queries.
  • Answer the common interview questions such as "Why should we hire you?", "What makes you unique?", "Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5 years?" and etc. with politeness and confidence. Do not be arrogant or rude in your remarks and never exaggerate your qualifications. It is most important to be your genuine self during the interview as it is considerably easy to detect baseless aggrandized expressions by the panel of experts.
After the Interview:

If you think your performance in the interview was satisfactory and there is an ample evidence supporting you to get selection as a suitable candidate for the job, then you should do the following things:

  • Follow up with the recruitment authority to keep a tab on the current status on the enlistment. You can also visit the company's website and take a look at the important notice section.

If you do not think you can get the job, then that is not an excuse for you to just sit around and feel sorry for yourself. There would be plenty of opportunities waiting for you. Some can even be better. In this regard, we suggest you to keep your job hunting as sharp as possible. Search for work related to your capacity and interest. If you keep this up, you will succeed for sure. God has a plan for everybody. Sometimes we are denied the things we want the most not because we are unworthy but something better is waiting for us to be pursued and gained.