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Importance of Recruitment Agencies

For an employer, the use of recruitment agencies to fill up a position cannot be stressed enough. As staffing agencies provide suitable employees to fill up the vacant position of an organization without putting too much pressure on the company itself. By doing this, only applicants who meet all the criteria visit the office for work without wasting time. At the initial stage, recruitment agencies carry out screening and testing to check whether a candidate is proficient enough to handle the job. Background is also checked along the way. Recruitment agencies also help hire short-term workers to help the main organization not drain its administrative resources.

Employers now prefer recruitment agencies because they want to relieve pressure from their HR departments due to the frustration of going through all the CVs and conduct long interviews that might take weeks or a month. This process also causes unnecessary distractions to the HR departments from carrying out other important tasks that are immensely beneficial to the organization itself.

The condensed version of the phases for employee recruitment by Unijobs Bangladesh are provided below:

  • Identifying an organization's requirement.
  • Making a deal with the company.
  • Preparing a recruitment strategy.
  • Finding applicants from existing database or other sources.
  • Screening and testing.
  • Conducting 1st interview (By Unijobs Bangladesh).
  • Submitting a report on the candidates to the client company based on the initial interview.
  • Arranging the 2nd interview with between the chosen candidates and the client company.
  • Helping in the negotiation between the client and the applicant.
  • Handing of the appointment letter.
  • Following up and taking feedback from both the client and the selected employee.

NB: Also there is another opportunity to Conducting an extensive interview (By Unijobs Bangladesh and a representative from the client). [SL#06-07]

Recruitment Steps of Unijobs Bangladesh

Unijobs Bangladesh acts as a job agent to provide the right professional(s) for a specific job. A panel of experts at Unijobs Bangladesh begins the process by first gathering preliminary information about that they are supposed to find about a suitable candidate based on the job descriptions provided to them. From that information, they can devise a standard set of requirements against an applicant. Then, they carry out extensive research from the companies already in the database of Unijobs Bangladesh and prepare a list of candidates that best suits the standard requirements previously set. The candidates are then called for a preliminary interview conducted by the board at Unijobs Bangladesh to further verify their credentials and to assess whether they fulfill all the criteria.

The specialists then prepare an intricate report about the applicants various aspects as submit it to the client. Then they arrange a meeting between the client and the prospective candidates to consider the client's point of view about the recruitment. During this phase, the specialists can also do a background check of each applicant in favor of disclosing some unknown facts (if present).

Unijobs Bangladesh continues to keep in touch with both the client and the fresh recruit(s) even after the completion of enlistment so that no friction persists between the two entities.

To better grasp the entire process, it is divided into 6 stages. In depth explanation of each stage is provided below:

  • Stage 1: This is the first step. This is where a panel of experts at Unijobs Bangladesh furnishes a standardized requirement based on the job description provided to them by the client. "Standardized Requirement" means the desired qualifications expected from potential candidates to meet the client's needs.
  • Stage 2: At this point Unijobs Bangladesh searches for the aspirants based on the standardized requirement prepared at the initial step. It can generate a list of suitable candidates by looking up from its existing database of numerous personal profiles and utilizing its networking skills to various public or private organizations. Also, it can put advertisements to media or local newspapers to facilitate the exploration.
  • Stage 3: At this phase a preliminary interview is conducted by the board of professionals at Unijobs Bangladesh, using the list prepared at stage 2. The board verifies each applicant's credentials and whether he/she meets all the criteria to handle the tasks. This stage can also be regarded as "screening" where the most able candidates are picked out from the rest.
  • Stage 4: After conducting an in-depth interview mentioned in the previous stage, the experts at unijobs Bangladesh prepare a comprehensive report about the suitable applicants and hand it over to the client for his assessment. After all, client makes the final decision. Unijobs Bangladesh is just around to help the client to make appropriate choices.
  • STAGE 5: Here, Unijobs Banladesh makes all the arrangements for a face to face meeting between the clients and the appropriate applicants to make the final selection. All the aspects of the meeting are organized by Unijobs Bangladesh. Time, place, medium and etc. according to the convenience of both client and candidates. The specialists at Unijobs Bangladesh may also conduct background check on the screened applicants to discover any unknown information about them.
  • Stage 6: This is the final step. At this point all formalities between the client and the applicant(s) are concluded and Unijobs Bangladesh continues to keep in touch with both entities to ensure no misunderstanding exists between them.

A pictorial depiction is provided below in the form of a flow chart to summarize the process of recruitment consultancy service provided by Unijobs Bangladesh: