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We would like to take this opportunity to walk you through the journey of Late. Mr. Al-Haj Adbur Rahim’s “Rahim Group”. The company was founded in 1958 by. Late. Mr. Al-Haj Adbur Rahim at Shyampur Dhaka with a very small mill known as the National Foundry. The factory was located on 4 bighas land. With only 30 employees, the National Foundry was the producer of handloom pinions, manhole covers, iiron pipes and cisterns made of cast iron. Late. Mr. Al-Haj Adbur Rahim had the vision and passion of achieving something greater that would transform the metal industry in Bangladesh. As mentioned by a famous politician, “The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become.” In 1968, the first re-rolling mill was commissioned to manufacture 40 grade deformed bars.
Owing to the success of the re-rolling mill and high customer demand, a second mill was established in 1976 at Shyampur, Known as Diamond Steel Products Company Private Limited. Rahim Group ventured into the ship breaking or ship demolition industry in 1983 to obtain metal scrap. Till date, Rahim Group has successfully dismantled 49 ships of various sizes, from different countries. The year of 1983 also marked the birth of Rahim Steel Mill in Kachpur at Sonargaon. Continuing expansion, the first steel plant in Bangladesh was established at Kachpur in 1984 by Late. Mr. Al-Haj Adbur Rahim. His vision, dedication and hard work made it also possible to establish the first Bangladeshi Industrial Gas Manufacturing Plant for oxygen, acetylene, and nitrogen.
Rahim Group ventured into the manufacturing of mild steel angles, channels, shafts, and plain bars in 1995 through the establishment of Sonargaon Steels at Kachpur. Not afraid of expanding horizons, the first 30 MW power plant, Rahim Energy was establishe on 1st December 2002, thus starting yet another journey into the energy industry.
Continuous success, high volume of demand, and the passion for innovation led Rahim Group to establish Bangladesh’s first chemical plant for Ferro Manganese, Sillicon Manganese and Ferro Sillicon Production. These products from an integral role in steel manufacturing. Before the plant was established in Bangladesh, these products were imported from china and India by all steel manufactures in the country; thus, incurring significant foreign exchange expenses. The established plant by Rahim Group meets and exceeds the demand requirements of Bangladesh and has the capacity to supply the products to the global market.
In March 2003, Rahim Steel Mill started manufacturing mild steel commercial plates. It is the first factory to manufacture mild steel commercial plates in Bangladesh and meets 20% of the country’s total demand of the product.
In 2004, Rahim Steel Mill was approved by Germanischer Lloyd of Germany for manufacturing hull structural steel plates in GL-A-grade for Ship Building.
In 2005, Bangladesh’ first coke plant, Carbon Bangladesh Limited started its operation in Kachpur.
In January 2009, another 32 MW plant was established to meet the growing energy demands of the factories established by Rahim Group. Currently, Rahim Energy Produces up to 62 MW of Energy.
In November 2010, for the first time in Bangladesh, Rahim Group started exporting Ferro Sillicon products of value up to 5 million US Dollars to Italy, Netherlands, Luxemburg, India, Germany, Switzerland and Bulgaria.
The main industry complex of Rahim Group today spans an area of a 100 acres of land at Kachpur, With a dedicated team of 3500 employees. From 30 employees and 1 factory to a corporation of 3500 employees with seven industries, the journey has not been easy. Rahim Group has been delivering quality products for 58 years. The remarkable journey and entrepreneurship of Mr. Abdur Rahim has made Rahim Group the leading manufacturer of steel products and Ferro alloys in Bangladesh.
Late. Mr. Al-Haj Adbur Rahim has worked upto 90 hours a week, seven days a week, for over 50 years with utmost dedication and determination to achieve his goals. This is More than double the average working hour of 40 hours a week. Even at the age of 85, at the edge of his life he used to work 63 hours a week. He is a very religious and a humble individual who has sacrificed a lot to accomplish what he achieved today. We are privileged and proud to be a part of his team.
We have tried with our best effort to relive the experience of the successful evolution of Rahim Group from 1958. We have ventured from industries as diverse as steel to energy. The success and accomplishments of the company have opened opportunities for foreign exchange income and employment opportunities. The national and global recognitions strengthened Rahim Group’s drive to provide you with unparalleled products with a focus on quality and Innovation.

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