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Pathshala South Asian Media Institute

Mission Vision

To expand Pathshala, South Asia’s premier institute of photography, into a full-fledged media academy for Bangladesh. The academy will identify promising media professionals and train them to create content that adheres to the highest technical and ethical standards of media production. This builds on more than a decade of educating and training photographers whose work engages, informs, and empowers the public. Fundamentally, ours is a civic mission: laying the groundwork for a more just and equitable society.

About Us

Pathshala is the early school of Photography in South Asia region, which offers various short-term and long-term educational programs including workshops and presentations in photography and multimedia journalism throughout the year. Pathshala started in 1998. Since then, the institution has slowly grown to become a fully-fledged photo resource centre based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The name Pathshala comes from the ancient education system that prevailed in South Asia. It brings to mind classes held underneath a large tree; conjuring up learning spaces without walls, in the cool shade of its leaves. The South Asian Media Institute of Photography not only allows students to explore the world of image making but provides them opportunities to question beyond the confines of the discipline. The conceptual absence of classroom walls enables 1st year students and 3rd year students to attend the same classes and work together on collaborative projects together with visiting faculty. This enhances and complements each student’s learning experience. From its modest beginnings Pathshala expanded attracting students from within Bangladesh as well as outside. The school has a rich heritage of photography education, celebrating over 17 years. Our students are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds nationally and internationally. They have been awarded and widely recognized by organizations such as World Press Photo, Alexia Foundation, Joop Swart Master Class, Ian Parry Scholarship, Sony World Photography award etc. Pathshala is a distinctive multimedia educational organization that has made challenging social inequality its central driving force. Over the last sixteen years Pathshala has successfully partnered with national and international organizations and educational institutions to conduct several successful socially responsible programs. Inherent in Pathshala work is this ability to use the power of photography and multimedia to educate, inform and draw powerful emotional responses. Pathshala augments and builds on this strength through a wide network of global and local collaborators. This broader and extended practice of utilizing the entire range of visual culture combined with new media has extended its reach and influence. The Institute also offers courses and educational programs to domestic and international clients: individuals, companies, and organizations. Many of the graduated photographers have become internationally renowned photographers and the number of students that have joined the World Press Photo Master class is unusual for any photography education in the world.

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