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Northern Hatcheries Ltd. (Deshi Meat)

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About Us

Deshi Meat is one of the largest as well as state of the Art slaughtering flagship House in Bangladesh introduced by the famous agro business conglomerate Northern Hatcheries Ltd. It is the international standard of meat processing, selling, marketing and exporting company in Bangladesh. Deshi Meat has the biggest manufacturing plant with the automated technology of production capacity 45 tons per 8 hour shift.
Deshi Meat offers a wide variety of meat products such as Cattle, Goat and Chicken meat. Our Mission is to surpass our customers’ demand and expectations of international standard meat products with the company vision is to fulfill the demand of nation, families and the global requirements with trusted meat products.
Safety and quality is the first and foremost priority of Deshi Meat Products. We are committed to produce premium standards of quality. Food safety and innovation are underpinnings of our business in every day. Deshi Meat products are compiled all the requirement of government statutory and regulatory agencies to make sure the safety of our products.

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