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Mostafa Group of Industries

Mission Vision

Mostafa Group of Industries has come a long way since the war wrecked Bangladesh. Helping the thousands of distressed people of the country has always been the biggest motivator for the founder. He understood one simple thing and that is industrialization - which is the biggest leap to uplift the lives of millions in our country and to uplift the total national economy.
It is very important at the beginning of a business to set out a vision for the future and the Group�s vision was already set - founding a group of companies with diversified products and services, creating opportunities of employment, turning the population into power, expediting the self-dependency of the country. Although Mostafa Group of Industries has reached a certain level of achievements, the vision keeps telling its members that opportunities are unlimited and there is much more to be done.
Needless to say, it is with the help of the many outstanding people working with the group who have turned the vision of the founder into reality. Group is values of respect and perseverance remain consistent. People in the group have fully embraced this and will continue to do so going forward. They also understand here the importance of responding with a broader vision to obtain a solid and sustainable growth in the competitive markets of today.
Today MGI has become one of the fastest growing industrial conglomerates of the country. The ride has not always been smooth but taking in the lessons from its past experiences, the group has become stronger and better in the markets that it serves. As the group continues to expand its horizon in both the global and local arena, group didn�t undermine the importance of giving back to the community. In addition to delivering quality products to its customers, MGI highly regards its responsibilities to all its affiliates and is involved in several nonprofit activities. It is that by the almighty grace of Allah the current success will continue and the group�s objectives of tomorrow will be achieved through the efforts of its employees and partners.
we yearn to develop an enterprise for -
Accelerating industrialization in public sector
Delivering quality and affordable price
Contributing in foreign remittance reserve
Reducing import dependencies
Generating employments and reducing poverty
Building manpower at per global standard
Positioning MGI as a standard for competitors
Discharging social responsibilities

About Us

Mostafa Group of Industries (MGI) was born and led by the hands of a visionary leader whose aspirations bring forth the best in people to come together and become social innovators and change agents of the country. With a view to provide avenues of opportunities of income generating activities for the unemployed and to turn a multidimensional market force into a causative factor towards alleviation of poverty in Bangladesh , Late Al-haj Mostafizur Rahman � a visionary, a philanthropist and a business person from Chittagong, Bangladesh developed the business activities in 1952 of Commercial Trading, Import, Export, Manufacturing of Steel Products, Iron, MS Rod, Ship Breaking (Scraping of ocean going vessel), Artificial Leather, Rexine, Shrimp cultivation, processing & Export of shrimps fry, Textile & Ready made Garments, Papers, Refining of Palm Oil, Soybean Oil, Coconut Oil, Vanaspati Ghee, Refined Iodized Salt, Tea & Rubber Plantation & Export, Transport Sector (SOUDIA), IT sector and besides, engaging in the financial sector such as Bank & Insurance , Health & Education sectors.
Late Al-haj Mostafizur Rahman was inspired and spirited from historic events and epidemics during the emergence of Bangladesh. His intense desire to take action to affect the war wrecked Bangladesh steered him into undertaking several entrepreneurial steps, the result of which is Mostafa Group of Industries today.
Under the dynamic leadership of the founder the business grew in size and volume. Consequently, in1979 the businesses emerged into �Mostafa Group of Industries� (MGI) and became one of the leading conglomerates in the country. MGI set up a group of highly experienced, well-educated and financially sounds Bangladeshi promoters who have excellent track record in Industrial and trading business operation who, over the period, have gained commendable practical experiences in various types of manufacturing and trading business. Besides creating jobs for thousands, it is creating opportunities for millions.

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