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MABS and J Partners Chartered Accountants (a member of Nexia International, U.K.)

Mission Vision

“Our vision is to remain a top professional firm by providing value added professional services at a realistic, competitive and affordable cost by adhering to an uncompromising commitment to professionalism, integrity, creativity, competence, and quality of service”.

We are dedicated to provide the best possible service for our valuable clients.

MABS & J Partners is looking towards its vision 2020 goal of becoming one of the top 5 firms of Bangladesh and its business plan is centering towards that goal. MABS & J Partners is planning to grow in terms of size, volume and revenue and service range. In its strategic planning for FY 2011-2020 MABS & J Partners has identified to explore some new service areas to step into, including the following:

  • System Security and IT Audit
  • Asset management
  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Evaluation of Portfolio of Bank and Financial Institutions
  • Business Technology Management
  • Training and consultancy services
  • HR consultancy including staff recruitment for clients
  • Mergers and acquisitions etc including selection of the target, initial approaches, assessment

About Us

History of the Firm
MABS & J Partners (formerly known as Saha Mazumder & Co) is a firm of Chartered Accountants established through the merger of two separate firms, M/S B. B. Saha & Co, Chartered Accountants (est. 1979) and M/S Mazumder & Co, Chartered Accountants (est. 1981). The experience of the firm is thus reckoned as over 33 years under the license of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB). Effective 20 June 2013 the firm has been renamed as MABS & J Partners, Chartered Accountants. This name change has been done only to facilitate future expansion and inclusion of new partners in future; hence the new name will represent the former firm, Saha Mazumder & Co. Chartered Accountants, in all respects and will carry experiences of more than three decades. More: Click here

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