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Kiwi Design

Mission Vision

Our vision is to be a world-class leader in interior Design & structural engineering services, and to Design structures that are second to none in safety, quality and cost effectiveness.
Our mission is to advance the practical of interior designing &structural engineering Services in terms of safety quality and cost effectiveness. We review our practical from the perspective of fabricators, erectors and builders to ensure the designers desk to the final product. We are passionate about what we do and are excited about using cutting edge technologies to delivering the best product to you.

About Us

With the thought of Sajeda Surat in 2006 Kiwi Design was born primarily. Initially Kiwi Design provided consulting services for some of the big 5’sLike (real estate) namely Remax and Century 21 and CBRE. Seeking new challenges Kiwi Design started its first projects at Dubai & later on UAE. After some years of successful achievement Kiwi come back in Bangladesh and establishes Kiwi Design here. In additional kiwi is contributing to the ethical use of the environment in Designs and implementation. The world has finite recourses and Kiwi must conserve for the future generations to be its part today for a greener tomorrow

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