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Jashim Group of Companies Ltd.

Mission Vision

We view business as a means to increasing the material and social well-being of the investors, employees and the society at large, leading to an acceleration of wealth through financial and moral gains as a part of the process of the human civilization.
Our Mission is to play a significant role in total business operation also ensuring benefit to the shareholders, stakeholders and the society at large. We view ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees, and our environment.

About Us

Jashim Group of Companies Ltd is an Enterprise with solid presence in various sectors of the Bangladeshi economy, which include the strong engagement in the Knit Composite, Health-Medical, Overseas, Multi-purpose, Tours & Travels, Student consultancy of the economy and also the growth and distribution of all kinds of Various product.
The success of Index began more than 1 (one) decades ago in the year 2006 with the inception of Karnaphuli Multi-purpose Co-Operative Society Ltd. It dispatched its operations under the courageous leadership of celebrated Finance, Md. Jashim Uddin, and the company has an impressive approximate amount of 10 projects under its name to date. Over the years of success through leadership, innovation and customer satisfaction, the company evolved into a true conglomerate via diversifying from its core business operations and venturing into other fruitful enterprises.

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