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Islamic Development Bank (IDB)

Mission Vision

“The Mission of IDB is to promote comprehensive human development, with a focus on the priority areas of alleviating poverty, improving health, promoting education, improving governance and prospering the people.”

The Islamic Development Bank’s work bring about meaningful change in the lives of the people around the world. This covers several areas such as health, illiteracy, poverty, water, food, and so on.
This is no easy task, but collectively the 56 Islamic Development Bank member countries have the capacity and the resources to make a real difference.

About Us

The Islamic Development Bank is a catalyst for human development.
A development bank is an institution created by a group of countries that provides project finance and professional advice to developing countries.
We go further than stimulating economic and social progress in member countries and communities in non-member countries. Inspired by Islamic principles, our Vision is to achieve human dignity for all.

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