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IED (Innovate Engineering & Development), is a Consultancy and Designing firm that was established in January 2012. IED is a strategic design company that helps people live better and work smarter. It was founded by Engr. Md. Rana Masud, whose motivation is to build a well-known, reputed consultancy firm. IED is a professional engineering consulting firm which serves industries in the application of engineering design, computer-aided design, drafting and analysis.The IED team members have provided innovative solutions to complex engineering problems in the LPG, energy, power plant, steel structure, telecom, textile, and construction industries.We are highly successful in obtaining effective solutions to wide-ranging problems by applying engineering mechanics, finite element analysis, and or testing to pressure components, mechanical equipment, structures, systems, processes and concepts. IED worked for several national companies like MIR AKHTER HOSSAIN LTD, ENERGYPAC, HOSAF GROUP, DUBAI BANGLA, MG (MOHAMMADI GROUP), DESH ENERGY, AKIJ GROUP, DOREEN POWER and some International companies like CAMC (China), CSR (China), TSK (Spain), MAGNUS POWER (INDIA) etc. We believe in giving different and optimized ideas to our client to make their company successful, which is unique and efficient.
Our Service:
Innovate provides a range of Engineering & Consultancy services. With our dedicated team you will be assured with
∴ effective
∴ efficient
∴ economical solution
We provide turnkey solutions to our clients and our field of expertise are
♦ Complete LPG solution
♦ Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD)
♦ Power Plant Design
♦ Refinery Industries
♦ Industrial Plant Solution, eg. Chemical Plant, Steel Mill etc.
♦ Garments Industries with emphasis on green design
♦ Resort
♦ Jetty Design and Embankment Protection
♦ Roads and Highway
♦ Residential Complex/Building Design

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