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Mission Vision

Our mission: Since 2006, our mission has been to create seamless mobile interactions between businesses and people. An integral part of the A2P messaging evolution, Infobip is committed to creating solutions that just work. We believe it’s what’s on the inside that counts, it’s why we built our A2P SMS platform from the ground up. Our unique culture fuels continuous innovation at the platform’s core, allowing full control of security and service quality down to the deepest interaction. 50+ worldwide offices represent our vision of being truly local, everywhere.

Operating a platform on a globally-distributed propriatery cloud, possessing the knowledge of telco regulations and best messaging practices is the only way to build elevated mobile experiences, helping enterprises and mobile operators innovate. Today, our platform is used by over 60% of the population, making it the largest network of its kind and the only full-stack cPaaS globally.

About Us

We're a cloud mobile communications platform, connecting businesses to half of the world's population and serving 200,000 enterprise clients through 50+ offices on 6 continents. Our converged communications services bring a mobile dimension to any business. We have leveraged our global connectivity through 800+ operators and local market expertise to allow our wholesale and enterprise clients to easily and successfully run their omni channel communications around the world. All our solutions are fully in-house developed, meeting exactly what is needed to establish a state-of-the-art mobile services ecosystem. Through our dedication and passion we are moving barriers and changing the way people and businesses interact in the ever changing mobile space. Integrate and use in minutes what we have been building for the last 10 years. With just one API call you can reach and engage your customers and subscribers around the world, through our unique mix of messaging and voice technologies.


A2P SMS messaging, Mobile operators solutions, 2-Factor Authentication, Operator partnerships, Telecommunications, REST API, and omni channel communications

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