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Hamid Real Estate Construction Ltd.

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About Us

You are invited to the venture that not only meets the standard of today's advancing dwelling place but also exceeds them. We blend the latest in technology with more than a decade's experience, with a vision of excellence that is right In Tune with Today's Living.

Our projects radiate dignity and style and represent the elegance of true modern city living. Designed by the top architects of the nation and constructed in detail with handpicked building materials, Priyo Prangon exhibits natural looking magnificent and innovative exterior elevations that never fail to stand out. The luxury apartments offered to our clients are best known for their efficient & robust utility systems, modern backup power facilities and compatibility with a set of lifestyle features for comfort (central water heating systems, cable TV, wireless internet, etc) making it the most desirable real estate brand to buy in Bangladesh.

Our projects are located in selected regions. Good locations ensure good value of the properties. HRECL is aware of this aspect and chooses its sites carefully which has till date been very attractive to our clients making all its projects flourish.

Hamid Real Estate Construction Limited offers our clients with a set of specialized services:

Land Development
Construction of multi-storied / high-rise residential and commercial buildings
Preparation of bid documents, drawing and estimates
Participation in contracts and lease negotiation
Arrange financial assistance for our clients from selected institutions
Counsel clients in development of their land / properties

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