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Goldstar Group of Industries

Mission Vision

To maximize synergistic benefits, and to become a market leader through the pursuit of high
productivity, advanced technological innovation & absolute customer satisfaction by leveraging on
the strengths of our core business.
To continuously focus on customers need to manufacture quality Woven Garments of high standard
and establish ourselves as the leading provider of Woven Garments serving international market.

About Us

Goldstar Group is a 100% export oriented Woven Complies Garments company. The factory consists of planning, cutting & sewing, washing, inspection &, quality control, finished garments inspection, merchandising, and store section.
Goldstar Group is certified by ISO and OEKO-TEX (fabrication and garments) for 100% export Oriented Manufacturer of Quality Textiles & Garments in Bangladesh.
A complete Woven Garments unit was established with the commitment to care the Global Need for woven & casual clothing. The project has employed the state-of-art technology in its very pieces of investments. Aiming at the context of ever changing Global demand pattern and international environment on trade, especially the withdrawal of quota system, GSP and the availability of craftsmanship in the country, the project encompass the fabric and ready-made Garments production to be available from one stop service.

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