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Friends in Village Development Bangladesh (FIVDB)

Mission Vision

Social Vision
A vibrant society based on justice, equity, democracy and environmentally sound principles.

Organisational Mission
To give disadvantaged women, men and children greater voice, reduce their vulnerability, increase use of citizenship rights and help them enhance their quality of life. To that end, FIVDB pursues educational, economic development and social-organisation approaches. It works to strengthen social protection and safety networks and participates in national and international outreach and advocacy. FIVDB works in collaboration with communities, civil society, government and the private sector.

About Us

Friends In Village Development Bangladesh (FIVDB) is a non-government organisation. FIVDB has been working for the development of the disadvantaged people since its inception in 1981. The organisation was constituted in 1979 by a group of social workers then working with the International Voluntary Services (IVS). It is registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. FIVDB is also registered under the Foreign Donation/Voluntary Activities Regulation Act/Ordinance of 1978. The organisation's programme is affiliated with the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Co-operatives.

The organisation is governed by a 21 member General Committee. This General Committee elects a seven member Executive Board in every three year. The General and Executive bodies formulate the broader policy and guidelines governing the organisation. The organisation's programmes are developed  within the context set by the apex body  and day to day implementation management of the programmes is executed by a management structure and operational teams.

The organisation's perspective in carrying out its development assistance is outlined below

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