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Flag Bangladesh has been instituted in 2011 with a view to cater the need of individuals and corporates with the state of the service in manifolds. Looking into the ongoing demand for personalized apartment Scale Properties Limited has come forward and started constructing well-crafted buildings in and around Dhaka City. Binishuta Village Suite has been launched with a view to meet the cravings of many in getting hassle-free lands with aesthetic natural view which is just at the outskirt of Dhaka city. To Support the Telco and ongoing VAS industry, Flag Bangladesh has tied into a corporate agreement with Spice Digital India Limited to meet the demand of all most all the Telco Industries with the state of the art Value Added Services and need-based services as demanded by the Telco Operators. UniLead has been another avenue to uplift our Bangladeshi Art and Crafts in the foreign market and boost-up export of authentic handicrafts in Europe, America, and Australia.
Our Values: We give our fullest of effort to see with the eyes of our customer. Our solution is always custom tailor-made through our customer. We want to be happy and proud by making our customers proud about whatever business is/will be made with Flag Bangladesh.
Our Motto: Everyone can connect your dreams, we can do better!

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