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Welcome to Dhaka Mela.com, the latest destination and one stop shop for your everyday purchase. We source the best quality & genuine products from authentic and reliable suppliers & manufacturers around the globe. The philosophy behind the establishment of Dhaka Mela.com is to collect and store world’s exclusive, genuine & pure products and deliver direct to our consumer’s door steps in Australia, Bangladesh and other countries around the globe. Purity and Quality is our top priority. We will never compromise the quality and purity of our products and services. We strongly believe shopping at Dhaka Mela.com, customer will surely appreciate & enjoy the world class service, professional attitude and the unique shopping experience in the world's latest technology based secured E-Commerce environment.

Dhaka Mela.com has been founded by Deen Hoque, with a dream to place a platform where a consumer can buy the world’s best products right from their home, office & even on the move, 365 days in a year 24 hours a day, with full satisfaction, comfort & convenience.

We love our country and its people.

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