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Mission Vision

Our mission is to develop robust software and automation technology for business, medical providers and institutions that increase efficiency, decrease cost, improve quality and safety of business and medical care.
Develop technology that could continuously monitor business, its growth, provide accurate information help manage business easily.
Help Bangladeshi companies grow faster and provide low-cost software services to manage their business efficiently.
Build secure Cloud based services, accessible from anywhere and from any devices.

About Us

ConstantMD is a software and ecommerce company based on California, USA. Company is founded on first January of 2011. We develop software and services for various industry sectors including healthcare, Supply Chain Management, Inventory, Education. We have developed a robust information technology platform called ConstantMD that can provide cost-effective, secure software products and services.
ConstantMD Business software runs as a Software-as-a-Service from secure ConstantMD Cloud. ConstantMD application can be used from smart phone, tablet or any device at any time.
We have many products and services that are used in 20 countries by thousands of businesses and healthcare providers, healthcare institutions and patients.

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