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Concerned Women for Family Development [CWFD]

Mission Vision

Vision: To empower women of Bangladesh to achieve better status within the family and society.
Mission: CWFD is a non-political, non-profit voluntary organization run by women of Bangladesh to support, promote and protect the interest of women in Bangladesh by providing community based health care, empower community to exercise their rights to eliminate social injustice, creating economic opportunities, empower under privileged youth of urban and rural population and develop human resources for a positive social change.

About Us

The Concerned Women for Family Development (CWFD), Rampura, is a non-government and non political voluntary development organization established in 1976 and registered with NGO Affairs Bureau of the Govt. vide registration No. 72 dated 22 April 1981 under the Foreign Donations (Voluntary Activities) Regulations Ordinance 1978 which has subsequently been renewed on 15 may 205. CWFD is also registered under Voluntary Social Welfare Organization Ordinance 1975 as a Voluntary Welfare Association on 25 October 1975 bearing Registration No. Dha-0435, and also registered with Directorate of Family Planning of the Govt.

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