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CapitaLand Development Limited

Mission Vision

Capita Ventures was established with CapitaLand Development Ltd. As the core company in the year 2002. Since its inception Capita is providing building services to institutions and individuals that recognizes the value of a partner who works diligently to find the best possible solution for each individual project. We at Capita Ventures commit ourselves to assist both individuals and corporate investors in order to plan and acquire the highest quality product and services that are perfectly in tune with the fast changing life-style, consumer tastes and preferences in the industry.

About Us

Successful businesses are built upon durable foundations of dedication, meticulous insight and ambition. The Capita Group began laying the groundwork for this foundation over 18 years ago. With vast experience over these years in Real Estate Development and Marketing, we have striven every step of the way to ensure impeccable quality of our products and to build upon the confidence and trust of our valued clients.

Our strong insight and ambition have given us the focus to dedicate ourselves to creating a substantial research and development program, preserving superior quality control and harnessing efficient construction and distribution opportunities.

The result our diligence is Capita Group, a true international Real Estate and Building Products conglomerate. At Capita, our pride lies in our durable team. We feel that this is the ingredient which allows us to continually aim further and reach higher standards to best serve our clientele. With a strong and principled team, it is possible to overcome any challenges and attain success. We have done so.

The entire team at Capita Group is continually working towards the goals of delivering the most exquisite products to our clients while being committed to them.

What defines Capita Group is immaculate quality and conscientiousness towards our clients. Always.

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