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Business and Credit Development Services Ltd.-BCDS

Mission Vision

Vision –
Innovate and create investment opportunities and sustainability of ventures. Thus we cover our stakeholders from entrepreneurs to banks by ensuring investment security which extends benefit to both the beneficiary.

Mission & objective –
• We explore promising business opportunities and feasibility study of the venture ;
• Then we formulate business plan or Institutions Development Plan;
• Assist credit arrangement from financial institutions or venture capital or donor fund for entrepreneurs.
• We do market and marketing research for identifying scope and device effective and efficient marketing techniques or resolve problems.
• We also work on retail credit instrument like credit cards contact point verification (CPV) and retail credit card’s default loan recovery.

About Us

Business & Credit Development Services Ltd is a private limited company. It has been incorporated on 2006. Before the incorporation BCDS worked in the name of Credit and Business Development Services (CBDS) from 2002. The then proprietor of CBDS and the existing Managing Director of BCDS is the same person.

Our Products
1. EEF proposal making anf funding consultancy

2. Preparing Project Profile/Feasibility Study Report

3. Business Diagnosis, Planning, and Selecting Opportunities

4. Loan & Equity Fund Arrangement

5. Project Management Consultancy- All documentation work: Company Registration to Implementation.

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