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Bitopi was founded in 1968 by a young ambitious man called Mr. Reza Ali. His visionary and entrepreneurial skills were the impetus for him to begin his foray in business in Bangladesh. Thus started Bitopi’s journey through the creation of Bitopi Advertising Limited, the oldest advertising agency in Bangladesh.
While the advertising business grew and flourished, Reza saw an opportunity in business expansion into a completely new venture. Ready made garment business was only just developing in Bangladesh and in 1984, Reza entered the world of apparel manufacturing. Now the Group is engaged in Apparel Manufacturing, Advertising, Event Management, Fisheries & Agro sectors, with a total workforce of approximately 14,000 people.
The Apparel Manufacturing began with Misami Garments Ltd, and has gradually expanded into factories in the Comilla EPZ, in Adamjee, in Manikganj, and of course the original building still standing in Shewrapara, Mirpur.
The chairman, Mr. Ali has always upheld a vision for his company – to be the best bar none, and it has done so by investing in human resources, to train people and bring about the competitive edge to its partners and customers. Bitopi is a family owned company, headed at the top by a board comprising of individuals from competent and varied education backgrounds.
Leadership in Bitopi believes in a well-defined de-centralized approach where every process is well defined, understood, accepted and followed to produce the highest level of output.
The Board believes and depends upon the support of a competent, professional, sincere work force that is committed to the highest ideals of the company.

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    • Company Type: Garments / Textile
    • Address: 822/3 Begum Rokeya Sharani, Shewrapara, Mirpur, Dhaka- 1216, Bangladesh
    • Official E-mail: jobs@bitopibd.com
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