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Incorporating a Company in Bangladesh: Business in Bangladesh may be carried on by a company formed and incorporated locally or by a company incorporated abroad but registered in Bangladesh. The incorporation or registration is done by the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC & F) under the provisions of the Company’s Act 1994. Companies could be classified in following categories:

Limited Companies:
Company Limited by Shares
Public Limited Company and
Private Limited Company
Company Limited by Guarantees
Unlimited Companies
Unlimited companies and companies limited by guarantees may or may not have share capital.
Incorporation Options for Foreign Investor:

Incorporation options to a foreign investor include:

Setting up a 100% foreign-owned company in Bangladesh; Setting up a Joint Venture with Bangladeshi company / investor; Establishing the Company’s Place of Business in Bangladesh; Setting up a branch or a subsidiary of a foreign company in Bangladesh;
Setting up a Bangladeshi Company or participate in a Bangladeshi Company already formed.

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