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Bangladesh SME Corporation Ltd. (BSCL) is an alternative finance company, focusing on bringing-to-market innovative finance & technology to strengthen micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) sector. BSCL maintains an extensive database of MSMEs in Bangladesh by surveying and providing financial support, predictive analytics and value added services to entrepreneurs. This is done through facilitation of financing from formal and informal channels.

BSCL was founded on the principal of inclusive growth through the private sector by a group of Wall Street veterans and local Bangladeshi partners. The BSCL team undertook extensive research and survey to identify the gaps in MSME financing in the country as well as the problems with available forms of financing. The absence of a robust risk assessment and monitoring infrastructure has made it difficult to appropriately gauge the risk of MSME lending resulting in high interest rates, stringent collateral or guarantor requirements as well as a high rate of non-performing loans. One size fits all type of financing approach, untailored to meet the distinct requirements of the diverse range of sectors and sizes of MSMEs in the country, conditions attached to funds available through refinancing, makes it difficult to find a match in terms of a MSME client. On the other hand, MSMEs are largely at a stage where they require assistance/capacity building with obtaining and maintaining proper regulatory compliance, financial management and planning, and audit. These findings resulted in the development of our software based management information system which has features built in to automatically assess and monitor for the risk of our SME client based on regular transactions, as well as perform annual audit function on behalf of the client. The automation of risk assessment and monitoring translates into lower cost and therefore lower interest and elimination of collateral or guarantor requirement.

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