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About Us

AplombTech BD is one of the fastest growing High Tech Companies in Bangladesh which produces various electronic products and services like: Civil Drones, Smart Home Automation, Smart Digital Meter, Indoor Positioning System, Tele Health Care etc.
Our mission is to develop a super advanced High Tech industry in Bangladesh that can serve our nation with cost effective and easy to use technologies. We are also trying to make modern state of the art electronic technologies available to our mass people and to make their life easier and more comfortable.
We are glad to mention that, AplobmTech BD is working as a off-shore development center for world famous companies like Infineon Technologies AG, Intel, SinePulse GmbH and many more. We have a global platform with active operation in EU, North America and Asia.
Our team comprising of almost 300 experts around the world works to provide the best quality services to our clients. Having a global platform, SinePulse GmbH and AplombTech BD experts keep on working round the clock for your satisfaction. You just place your idea and we do the rest.
We start with requirement engineering and specification preparation. Quality and customer satisfaction are always our top priority. We are specialized in Electronics and Embedded System Design, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and different types of Software Services. Our services cover a wide range of industries - Telecom, Automotive, Aerospace, Hi-Tech Consumer & Medical Devices, Energy, Government, Marine, Rail, Retail and small business.
We closely work in co-operation with different academic institutions which gives us a great diversity in research and development projects. We continue to pursue after technological development that will lead to a green, environment friendly world. The future is closer than you think!

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