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Agrotech Feeds Limited was established in 2007 and started her journey in with the view that if we can use our natural resources with proper technical way, we can change our motherland. Bangladesh is a poor over populated country, but all of the people want to get an opportunity to alleviate their poverty by their hard labor, but having a limited scope of the working place skillfulness of the people cannot be applied. However, development of our culture based country Bangladesh that furnished with a suitable environment,

Fertile land, adequate productive water and huge manpower, we believe, is not so difficult, but requiring education, nutrition, noble intention, untiring effort, improved technology, technical and practical knowledge and completely used of our own natural resources. Though Agrotech Feeds Limited is very young but has been achieved good reputation by producing and distributing high quality standard and absolute hygienic feeds on fish, shrimp, poultry, and cattle throughout the country.

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