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Wilts Marketing Company Limited was established in the year of 2000 to provide most competent and market demanding products for animal health care to all farmers, fisheries, hatcheries and feed mills all over the country. We are marketing world- class veterinary feed additives, feed supplements, vaccines and drugs from some of reputed companies of the world.
We have prepared our goal to establish life communication between human and animal by providing sanctioned health care and assuring intent services for the better promotion of livestock, poultry, companion animals, zoo animals and fisheries as well as up rising the economy of the country.
A strong technical and marketing team leads by young, energetic, dedicated & experienced professionals are always available to provide efficient and cost effective services and technical support with in 4 hours (maximum) at any corner of Bangladesh.

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    • Company Type: Agro based Industry
    • Address:

      Artisan Center, Plot No.#57/9 (7th Floor), West Panthapath

    • Official E-mail: info@anfmltd.net
    • Website: wiltsltd.com