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নামুজা অর্থনৈতিক উন্নয়ন সংস্থা-NEDO

Mission Vision


About Us

The prime objective of NEDO is to develop and enhance the existing socio-economic conditions of the targeted beneficiaries through utilization of their own resources and resources from outside along with financial and technical assistance.

The specific objectives are as follows:
Raising awareness and human resource development.
Remove illiteracy through continuing education.
Skill development through life skilled training for employment creation.
Creation of local fund through savings generation by the beneficiaries.
Micro-credit support for small trades & business.
Provide financial and technical support for income generation activities.
Gender and development to remove gender disparity.
Improve health conditions and promote the nutritional status of the poor.
Identification of local unutilized resources for proper utilization by the beneficiaries.
Ensure social peace and harmony for smooth and uninterrupted economic activities.
Enhance GO-NGO collaboration for betterment of the poor.
Deploy all forces for disaster management through relief and rehabilitation works.
Extend legal aid support to protect women and children against violence.
Ensure safe water and sanitation in rural poor communities.
Protect environment for ecologically balanced environment through social awareness increase and forestation.
Foster development of agriculture, forestry, fisheries and livestock.
Ensure and restore good governance.
Mass awareness increase for prevention and control of HIV/AIDS and STDs.
Ensure special efforts for adolescent reproductive health care and small family norm.

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